6 Way Analog Button Remote - grandMA2

$ 50.00

Who couldn't use extra buttons for their lighting console?  The 6 way analog button remote is designed specifically for the MA Lighting grandMA 2 and grandMA 3 series of consoles.  The console connection is uses the analog remote connection, (DB-15 or DB-25 depending on console and connector purchased) to add extra push buttons to your control surface. Use any standard RJ45 ethernet cable to connect the console connection to the remote. Use can use any length you want, but it MUST be a direct connection, no network connection between.

In the grandMA software, you can assign the button, (remote trigger 1-6) to be anything you want, from a flash, go button or macro, anything you can program.

This is a complete package with the button station and the console connection.  All you supply is the standard cat5 cable at almost any length.

Works With

This console connection is compatible with the grandMA2 Full Size, Light and Ultra Light console. The onPC wing uses a different DB connection and is available separate.

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